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    Zepheere is a free ad-supported television service that offers a diverse range of content accessible through individual channels without requiring a subscription.

    Our app Zepheere TV, with an extensive collection of live and on-demand content, combines aesthetic appeal with user-friendly functionality, allowing users worldwide to effortlessly explore, store, and indulge in their favorite entertainment based on genres.

    It is an excellent choice for those who prefer to quickly delve into a show or movie without spending too much time deciding what to watch.


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    We equip partners with content, context, and valuable insights to connect with vast, youthful, diverse, growing, and unique audiences.

    Zepheere advertising experiences and innovative approaches provide brands with increased scalability to effectively reach their target audiences across multiple platforms.

    Promote your content with us

    Zepheere assists content creators in reaching CTV audiences by handling all aspects of launching a CTV channel, such as content hosting, management, ad monetization, and channel promotion.

    To ensure that your content earns the revenue it deserves, Zepheere offers SVOD and AVOD streaming monetization models, all for a profitable return on investment.

    What we offer

    Transparent conditions

    Zepheere offers completely transparent and mutually beneficial partnership conditions with top-tier ad providers to ensure clear ad monetization, which can boost your revenue without any hidden fees or extra payments.

    Simple integration

    We make it easy for you to integrate our data-driven technologies and up-to-date solutions to reach your viewers on multiple screens through cross-device marketing capabilities.

    Pure analytics

    Our analytics system is robust and reliable, providing the latest performance metrics at every turn to help you track the effectiveness of your live streaming videos effortlessly.

    Maximized revenue

    By leveraging our technical agility and win-win tactics, we provide instant connections to reliable demand partners and satisfying eCPM rates to maximize your streaming monetization.

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